The Old-Fashioned Lantern: An NYE Cocktail

Just in time for your NYE celebrations, here’s our first cocktail recipe from Emily Andrews, Hannah’s best friend. Emily and her husband Ian are some of the best at throwing a good party, so we knew that they’d be the perfect guest-posters for this recipe. We hope you enjoy this smokey, spicy cocktail this New Years Eve as you’re kissing the new year in. Happy 2018!

About this time four years ago, I landed at the Spokane International Airport and stepped into the Pacific Northwest for the first time in my life. I had come to celebrate New Year’s with my boyfriend’s family, and to meet them for the first time.

Ian and I had not been dating very long – not even a year – but we were already talking about marriage. He and I are nothing if not tempestuous.

I was extremely nervous as I waited for my suitcase at baggage claim. I knew there was a good chance he would propose that week, but everything was so uncertain and I carried all the pressures and insecurities of being a senior entering my last semester of college like the proverbial monkey on my back. So many of my future plans hanged on what would happen here in this alien outlying territory of the Louisiana Purchase, and for heaven’s sake, what if his family didn’t even like me?!

The days of my scheduled trip ticked by. The Andrews were as warm and delightful as could be, although I might have surprised them with the churlish bent of my Scotch-Irish ancestry. I think Ian decided to marry me only after he found out I enjoyed drinking whiskey straight.

My expectations dwindled. He wasn’t going to propose this week.

So I was completely unassuming when Ian asked one night if he could take me on a walk through his parent’s property. We passed under the bright starts of the Washington night sky until Ian stooped at the base of a pine tree to pick up an old fashioned lantern and light it. He said they kept it there for when it got dark in the woods.

I believed him. I wasn’t initiated in the ways of the PNW. What did I know?

To make a long story short, he had fixed up a tent in the middle of the forest and laid out a picnic dinner for us there in front of an elaborate wood stove. He proposed. I cried. It was all the worst kinds of warm and fuzzy.

And here we are four years later, back in the place where it began. After a lot of cross country travel, we’ve bought a new home in Spokane and I am officially a PNWer myself, though Ian still makes fun of me for thinking all PNWers hide lanterns in the woods.
They say every home needs a house cocktail, and this is what Ian came up with for us. It bites like the pines of the PNW, smells sweet like the wood stove where we got engaged, and punches every bit like a feisty Andrews.

I hope that as you enjoy it, we may all find rest from any fears we have about the future in the New Year and joy in whatever adventures 2018 brings our way.


The Old-Fashioned Lantern


  • Grand Marnier
  • Old Forester Bourbon
  • Cinnamon Brown Sugar Simple
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Orange Rind


  • 2 Rocks Glasses
  • 2 oz. Jigger
  • 1 oz. Jigger
  • 3/4 oz. Jigger
  • A Lighter

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Simple Recipe:

Standard ratio for simple syrup: 1 cup of Extra Dark Brown Sugar to 1 cup of Water. In this case, however, add 2 cinnamon sticks. Heat until sugar is dissolved. Refrigerate.

Using the lighter, set one end of a cinnamon stick on fire. This could take a second: be persistent. Once it is lit, upend one of the rocks glasses and place it over the top of the lit stick, so that the smoke fills the glass.

Fill other glass with ice. Add 3 oz. of Bourbon, 1 oz. Grand Marnier, and ¾ oz. Brown Sugar Simple. Stir briskly until chilled. Then, carefully but quickly, strain the mixture into the smoked glass over one large ice sphere. Snap and squeeze the orange rind over the cocktail, and drop it into the top as a garnish. Enjoy.


Merry Christmas!

From both of us here at Common Sense Kitchen, we wish you all things merry and bright this Christmas!

We’re taking this week off from recipes to spend time with our handsome husbands and our families. We’ll be curled up with steamy mugs of hot drinks and eating all the good foods that come out of our mom’s kitchens (so expect an over-flow of cooking creativity on the other side of this break).

Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm as we’ve launched this little blog. It’s been a dream of both of us for a while and it’s been so much fun to make a reality. Can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for Common Sense Kitchen! Stick around for the ride, why don’t ‘cha?

Boldog karácsonyt! Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Hannah & Essie

Friday Faves: Host a Christmas Coffee

Here we are, back again with another nudge (whack?) to host people in your home. Do you hate us yet? Look, we’re both introverts, but we still love hosting people. There’s something about bringing people together, feeding them, and giving them an overabundance of caffeine, that really makes a house feel like a home. So, we’re back with more suggestions.

The Christmas season is full of amazing recipes, no one’s on a diet, and everyone’s in party mode. So grab a couple of your favorite pals and have a ladies night with dessert, coffee, and great conversation. Coffee and dessert are an especially great combo if an entire meal seems overwhelming.

We’re maybe a little bit obsessed with coffee. Both of us have an obscene number of ways to make coffee: espresso maker, Chemex, pour-over, moka pot, and percolator, to name a few. We love good, strong coffee to match our highly-opinionated personalities. It’s a killer combination, just ask our husbands. (Actually, maybe don’t.)

So drag out your favorite, most high-maintenance way of making coffee and make a fun dessert! We suggest this pear-cranberry galette, these cookies, or a store bought chocolate cake. We aren’t picky about the sort of sugary yumminess you serve with coffee, and we can guarantee your guests won’t be either.

We also would like to begin to beg you all to tag us on the ‘grams if you use one of our recipes. Pretty please? #commonsensekitchen #helpusout #makethefood #isitgood #arewecrazy (don’t hate us)

xoxo & Merry Christmas!

Hannah + Essie


Friday Faves: Gathering

In this day and age of social media, it becomes so easy to assume we need special dishes, a theme and countless other things to make a dinner party look pretty. The truth is, once you have the people, everything else is unimportant. We truly mean that. Please don’t worry about the food, the place settings, or making your home perfect. Just invite those people over, plop some sort of food down in front of them, and get going with the good times.
For example, last year, Essie and her husband had moved into their new home and had no furniture and extensive renovations going on in most rooms. It would have been so easy to not let anyone see the mess. But instead they had some of the most fun gatherings, sitting on blankets on the floor with friends and family.
Please don’t be intimidated by other people’s beautiful pictures or the illusion of perfection. If you’re second-guessing your party-throwing abilities, chances are SO IS EVERYONE ELSE. We’ve put together a simple menu below + guide for hosting a gathering of your own this holiday season and hope it may give you a little push to start hosting and partying like the crazy kids you are.
A couple Common Sense tips to Gathering
  • Don’t worry about the table setting. The pictures we took for this post were created with Airbnb dishes, a scrap piece of fabric, and a potted plant we got at Trader Joe’s (have we mentioned that we love TJ’s? Too often, you say?). Use paper plates, your every day dishes, or pull out that wedding china you registered for and never use. It doesn’t matter. We just ask that you try not to buy anything extra for a gathering. A jar of roadside wildflowers or random greenery from in front of your house, a half burned candle, a plant you already have, a pretty scarf, a handful of pine cones, or just about anything can be spread out on your table, floor or counter to create a lovely atmosphere.
  • Keep the food simple. We love cooking, run a food blog, and dream about our kitchen at night (yes, really. We’re a couple nuts.), but neither of us would have an issue serving a salad kit and ordering pizza for a quick and easy gathering. There is nothing wrong with easy and simple. You’ll be happier and more relaxed for your friends, and everyone wins when that happens. Let go of the “supposed to”s and “should”s.
  • If you want to have new friends over for the first time, but you’re worried about it being awkward (something Hannah thinks about on the reg #halp), make dinner interactive! Let your guests help you by mixing the salad, chopping up fruit for a pie, or even have a make-your-own-pizza night!

If you’re feeling up to a bit more cooking, may we recommend this menu:
—- salad
—- good wine
—- something sweet
The brilliant thing about serving two roasted things is that you can cook them at the same time, at the same temperature. We love easy easy recipes. You can find our roasted chicken recipe here and our roasted veggie recipe there. Pop the chicken in at 450 and pop the veg in an hour later, then just leave ’em (don’t just forget about them – baste your chicken and turn your veggies, but you know what we mean). For a salad, we recommend the Veggies + Greens salad kit from TJ, mentioned here.
Good wine doesn’t need to break the bank; most people know what they like and what they don’t like. We love a good, robust red wine, so we recommend the Rodney Strong cabernet. Hannah found it at her local TJ for $14, which is a great price for an even better bottle. Other favorites include Trader Joe’s Coastal syrah, Josh cabernet, or an oaky, buttery chardonnay (try one from Wente!).
To finish the party, haul out some ice cream, a bag of Dove chocolates, or, if you’re like Hannah and Very Into Pie, try your hand at making a galette! We’re coming out with a recipe for a pear + cranberry galette next Monday. #getpumped
PARTY LIKE IT’S 2009. (We’re not sure what we mean by that).
Hannah + Essie

Friday Faves: Trader Joes (Christmas edition)

Over here at CSK, we really love Trader Joe’s. From the prices to the variety of items, it just doesn’t get any better. During the holidays it can be hard to find the time to figure out decorations, make cookies, etc. so we thought we’d share some of our favorite Trader Joe’s shortcuts.

  1. Pie crust
    • Making your own pie crust is (though worthwhile) very time-consuming and most pre-made pic crusts taste like all the preservatives they have in them. But let us sing the song of the Trader Joe’s premade pie crust. They’re flaky; they’re subtly sweet; they’re crumbly. It’s the perfect “buttery flaky crust.” (Anyone? Anyone?).
    • Tip: make sure you roll it out yourself to make it a little thinner. These pie crusts can be pretty overwhelming to a galette or a two-crust pie if you don’t thin them.
  2. Macarons
    • As we said, who has time to make fancy desserts for all the Christmas parties? Not us. But thankfully ol’ faithful TJ’s has so many great premade desserts. These are one of Essie’s all-time favorites.
  3. Veggies & Greens Salad Mix
    1. We love all of their salad mixes, tbh, but this one takes the cake. The crunchy veggies with the sweetness of the dried pear and the saltiness of the pistachios is a combination worth fighting for. And don’t get us started on the honey-ginger dressing. We also like to add a little sharp cheddar crumbled on top for an extra boost of protein.
  4. 3-Cream Brie
    • Good cheese can be SO expensive. We used to groan when we saw photos of beautiful charcuterie boards, because we knew it’d be around $50 to make even the smallest one. Not so, thanks to TJ! You can get this creamy, sexy brie for so cheap. Grab a baguette and some dry Italian salami and it’s the prettiest little appetizer you’ve ever seen.
  5. Eucalyptus
    • Balsam is great. We love evergreens, really we do, but sometimes you just want something a little different for your Christmas wreath or centerpiece. TJ’s has beautiful eucalyptus for cheap and when combined with a sprig of red berries it looks delicately festive.
  6. Chocolate Mousse Cake
    • Really this should read: CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE. CHOCOLATE. MOUSSE. Want us to say it one more time? No? Ah, ok. We can chill. But really, we don’t think this one needs any explanation.

There you have it: our top six favorite shortcuts for this month. What are your favorites?

Happy cooking!

-Essie + Hannah




Friday Faves: Christmas Decor

Happy Friday!

Have you decked your halls? Hung your mistletoe? Filled every nook and cranny of your home with cheer and joy?

Oh no? Don’t worry, neither have we. Hannah is still living in an Airbnb and Essie hasn’t done anything other than put candles everywhere. It’s ok, decorations are meant to bring joy and not stress. Let them happen organically, as time and inspiration find you.

We enjoy simple, homemade decor, especially if the ingredients are cheap and already in our kitchens. Here are two of our favorites!


Essie: Cinnamon Ornaments


    • 1 cup of applesauce
    • 1 1/2 cups cinnamon
    • 1 tbsp cloves (optional)


  1. Mix applesauce with cup of cinnamon and cloves in kitchen mixer. Slowly add additional cinnamon as mixer continues to mix. It should leave the sides of the bowl and become a nice ball of dough. If it looks too wet, add more cinnamon. Too dry, add more applesauce.
  2. Spread parchment paper on cookie sheets.
  3. Sprinkle cinnamon like you would flour on your surface. Roll out the dough until it is 1/8-1/4 inch thick.
  4. Cut various shapes out with cookie cutters and use a tooth pick or straw to make holes for stringing.
  5. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Bake for 1.5-2 hours. Turn off your oven and allow to continue drying overnight. They should be completely dry and rock hard, otherwise put them back in the oven and give them more dry time.
  6. Thread a string through the holes, hot glue onto ribbon or just hold them up to your nose and sniff the lovely cinnamony scent.


Hannah: Dried Oranges

So, I made these for the first time last year, inspired by my friend Libby, who lived in Germany at the time. She had decorated her beautiful evergreen tree with dried oranges and combined with the lights on the tree they look like tiny stained glass windows. I loved how festive and simple they are so it’ll be a returning decoration for our home


    • 3 or so oranges
    • thin string
    • a tapestry needle
    • parchment paper
    • a baking sheet.

Slice your oranges into slices that are about 1/8″ thick. You want them to be thin enough that they dry in the oven, but not so thin that they’re very brittle and break.

Lay the orange slices on parchment paper on the baking sheet and bake them at the lowest temperature your oven has. Libby set hers at 100, but my parents’ oven didn’t go lower than 180, which worked just fine. Bake them until they’re dry and stiff. When I made them they were still fairly sticky and pliable. This could take quite a few hours, so pop them in while you’re doing other stuff and come back to it!

Thread your tapestry needle with the string and weave the thread through the top of the orange slice so it hangs flat. If you just thread it through once, the oranges will face to the side, which is a very different look. The stickiness of the oranges should hold them in place fairly well so you don’t have to knot the string or anything to keep them from sliding to the middle when you hang them on your mantle. If you hang them on your tree, simply thread it through the top of the orange and tie it off like a little ornament.

Tag @commonsensekitchen on the socials to give us a peek at your kitchen crafting adventures. Happy decorating!

Hannah & Essie

Friday Faves: Simmers & Sales

Everything and everyone is all about those sales right now. While neither of us is a Black Friday fanatic, we are hoping to take advantage of a few sales to snag some things we’ve had our eyes on.

Essie: “I love to take advantage of Artifact Uprising’s Cyber Monday sale and get our yearly photo book printed. It’s also a great time to have photo calendars and other photo gifts printed for Christmas gifts. I may also check on L.L. Bean’s sale because I just love their stuff and have had my eye on a couple things for a while now.”

Hannah: “I’ve never really been a Black Friday kinda gal, but once I got into the kitchen, I just can’t ignore the amazing sales on large appliances. A friend of mine got a KitchenAid mixer for $150. $150! I’ll also be lurking on hoping that their nice down vest goes on sale for my husband.”

Whether you plan on braving the lines and hoards of people in stores or look forward to grabbing a few marked down gifts online this weekend, may we suggest you try a simmer pot to make your whole home smell amazing? It’s the perfect way to use up fruits that aren’t looking so yummy anymore, while giving your house an artisanal scent. We threw together a delicious recipe for one, but we also encourage you to experiment with your own.

  • Ingredients
    • semi full pot of water
    • Lemons, halved or quartered
    • Cranberries
    • Rosemary sprig or two
    • Dash of Cinnamon
    • Sprinkle of Nutmeg
    • Pinch of Cloves
  • Directions: Simmer everything on low heat. Add more water as it cooks off.

But you could try any combinations of these: oranges, grapefruit, tangerine, lime, cinnamon stick, anise seed, whole cloves, apples, vanilla, ginger, and evergreen twigs. It’s such a low risk activity that you could really throw any fruit or spice in the pot and just test it out. No harm if it doesn’t work out.