Hey there!

[wedding photo by sally o’donnell photography]

I’m Hannah Rozsa, a coffee and McDouble enthusiast, former cat-mom, and wife to a physicist who is currently in graduate school. We live in Chicago, but are on a 3-month adventure out in the Bay Area in CA while my husband works on a special project. We’re living in Airbnbs and I’m attempting to make them seem a little like home.

Essie and I met in college, but didn’t become good friends until we reconnected on Instagram a few years later! She and I love cooking, sharing recipes, and trading recipe secrets. You can find out more about our cooking style on the home page.

I’m originally from Maine and went to Michigan for college, so my love of the seasons is rooted deep and truly affects my recipes. I try to cook with the seasons as much as possible. My mother, Susan, is my greatest inspiration for cooking, as she has made almost everything from scratch for my entire life. She has curated the best recipes I know of and her food is the best food on the planet, bar none. My favorite dinner to make is homemade chicken soup (à la Susan) and my favorite dessert to bake is blueberry galette.

My Hungarian mother-in-love started calling me “Hannalea” when my husband and I were just dating and I’ve loved the nickname ever since. Some of the recipes on our blog will be from her kitchen! Paprika for days!

I’m glad to have you here and look forward to hearing about what you like to eat!

Egészségedre! (This means “cheers” in Hungarian!)